Canadian Jewish Trivia Quiz 2022-02-03T18:42:38-05:00

Canadian Jewish Trivia Quiz

(Answers Below)

1. From which countries have Jews emigrated to Canada?

a. Russia and Poland

b. Morocco

c. South Africa

d. All of the above

2. In what year were Jewish people first permitted to hold political office in Canada?

a. 1807

b. 1832

c. 1867

d. 1947

3. Who was the first Jewish politician elected to the House of Commons?

a. Henry Nathan in 1871

b. Dave Barrett in 1972

c. Herb Gray in 1969

d. Ezekiel Hart in 1807

4. Which architect designed the National Gallery of Canada?

a. Max Blankstein

b. Moshe Safdie

c. Arthur Erickson

d. Vivian Manasc

5. Who was responsible for popularizing the wearing of the poppy on Remembrance Day?

a. Sidney Spivak

b. Rosalie Abella

c. Lillian Freiman

d. Col. David Hart

6. What is the significance of Faibish Bay in Saskatchewan?

a. It was named after a local general store owner.

b. It was named after an opera singer.

c. It was named after a professional athlete.

d. It was named after a Second World War hero.

7. Who is Red Fisher?

a. A hockey player

b. A sports broadcaster

c. An architect

d. A business leader

8. Who was an important Canadian Jewish writer?

a. Mordecai Richler

b. Naim Kattan

c. Miriam Waddington

d. All of the above

9. Which Jewish Canadian actor played Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek television show?

a. Leonard Nimoy

b. Lorne Michaels

c. William Shatner

d. Lorne Greene

10. Who was the first Jewish Chief Justice of Canada?

a. Rosalie Abella

b. Bora Laskin

c. Seymour Mayne

d. Mark Belzberg

11. Who was responsible for spearheading the Canadian Museum for Human Rights?

a. Paul Mitchell

b. Morley Torgov

c. Israel Asper

d. Margaret Campbell

12. In which area were organizations such as the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Jewish Labour Committee most known for their advocacy?

a. Bringing new immigrants to Canada

b. Human Rights legislation

c. Finding people jobs

d. Education

13. What is Rosalie Abella well known for?

a. Coining the term “employment equity”

b. The first Jewish woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada

c. Being named Global Jurist of the Year by Northwestern Pritzker School of Law’s Center for International Human Rights

d. All of the above.

14. What were common occupations for Jewish immigrants in Canada?

a. Fur trader

b. Farmer

c. Peddler

d. General store owner

e. All of the above

15. Who was the founder of Shoppers Drug Mart?

a. Isadore Sharp

b. Frank Gehry

c. Murray Koffler

d. Joel Reisman

16. What iconic Calgary symbol was developed by Calgary businessman Morris Shumiatcher?

a. The Calgary Stampede

b. The CN Tower

c. The Palliser Hotel

d. The white cowboy hat

17. As Governor of the Bank of Canada, what was Louis Rasminsky most known for?

a. Low interest rate policies to promote job growth.

b. First Jewish Canadian to hold a senior civil service position in Canada.

c. Involved with establishing the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

d. All of the above.

18. Which of the following is not a Jewish Canadian rock star?

a. Burton Cummings of the Guess Who

b. Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies

c. The rapper Drake

d. Geddy Lee, lead vocalist of Rush

19. Who was Cecil Hart?

a. A musician

b. Manager of a record store

c. A Stanley Cup-winning coach and Manager of the Montreal Canadiens

d. A talk show host on the CBC

20. What was Sammy Luftspring known for?

a. Starting the first self-serve grocery store

b. Organizing minor league hockey

c. Writing poetry

d. Being World Number Three Welterweight Boxing Champion


1-d.  2-b.  3-a.  4-b.  5-c.  6-d.  7-b.  8-d.  9-c.  10-b.  11-c.

12-b.  13-d.  14-e.  15-c.  16-d.  17-d.  18-a.  19-c.  20-d